Stressful weekend ahead…

There is the back.

And here is the front.

We’re closing on Friday! After quite a process and many concessions (all on our side), we’re finally closing the deal on our next house.

Also on Friday… about 200 youth and youth leaders will descend into our nice little valley for the Spring Thing youth rally that we’re hosting (see post below).

Now if I could just figure out how to get a little separation in the big, hairy stressful things in life… Actually, my freshman year of college I took a life stress evaluation survey thingamading for psych class and had been through like 13 of the 15 most stressful life events within 6 months. How did I get in this pattern??? Oh well. I get to buy a house Friday morning and race go-karts Friday night. Who can complain?

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  1. Hey Theoquest,

    The process is going very well. We will have our first youth meeting in the facility next Wednesday. The process has had to cover mnay bases Pastor/Board, Parents, students, and the church. In each case I did not have to beg too much but show there was a plan and a vision. I also showed the partnershipes we have created throughthe local police and buisness. In fact I am talking with a hometown restaraunt this afternoon about supplying us with food for events. i told them I’d rather buy from them than McD’s. Every student center is differnt. Our will be a cafe type with after-shcool type stuff such as tutoring, etc. We’d also like to have an addiction support group for parents and students. So, with all that being said we are having our first parents meeting this Sunday over there and then there will be a church walk through where they can commit finances to all the projects. if you ahve any other specific questions please do not hesitate to ask and oyu are welcome to list my blog in your “other interesting blogs” category. Thanks for your interest.


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