Then it dawned on me…

I heard a youth minister today talking about turning 30 before too many years pass. I’m already there, and lately it’s struck me that I’m closer in age to my students’ parents than to my students! A lot of people are surprised by that. Sometimes, I am too.

They are surprised because a lot of people don’t realize how old I am (not that 30 is old – I just get mistaken for one of the kids often). I’m surprised because I feel such affinity for students that I forget that I’m twice as old as they are. I don’t know what the proper way to be 30 is, but I’m pretty sure I’m not following it. At least I’m not living the way I always thought adulthood would be.

My life is an odd mixture of adult and student… Example: We’ve been looking for a house in our new town lately. As we wrestle with decisions about type of mortgage, sufficient bedroom space, garage, wiring, furnace, flooring blah blah blah… I keep thinking, discipleship group hangout room, pinball, coke machine, surround sound PS2 on a wall mounted flat screen… If I wasn’t married with 3 kids of my own and purchasing a house to replace the one we sold several months ago, I might wonder about a guy like me.

It’s wierd being an adult kid… or, kid adult… or Peter Pan…



After I posted this, I found a link on Marko’s blog to this Lark News Article (Youth Pastor Hazing On the Rise). Ok, so it’s not exactly the same issue, but the article is funny. Just in case you don’t realize this… Lark News is satire. If you don’t appreciate satirical looks at touchy issues, don’t read the article.

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  1. mike i laugh at the thought of you being like peter pan. 🙂 i dont think the fact that you’re 30 doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with today’s youth. you’re an adult-(who acts like an adult)-that youth can talk to and feel comfortable with. i’ve never felt uneasy talking to you about stuff-but that’s because you CHOOSE to connect with youth on our (well,not really me as youth anymore)but on that level. You are definately the adult that kids can look up to and the adult that can make a kid feel better. You are an amazing youth minister. And now, can you believe I’m almost 21??

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