Last week did not end well…

The two houses we were most interested in sold. We were scheduled to go for a final look to make our decision and prepare an offer, but they sold before we got to them. So on the house search, we went back to square 1 basically and checked out a whole new slate of options.

In the middle of that, I woke up about 2 AM on Friday with really sharp pain in the left side of my lower back. I’ve had kidney stones before, so that was my first thought. Not a pleasant thought… and I was right. The pain subsided for a few hours of relief later in the morning, but came back everytime the stone shifted. Finally passed it on Saturday afternoon after drinking enough water to keep Dumbo hydrated.

The good news is – it’s a new week. The pain is almost completely gone. Also, yesterday afternoon, we found another house that we like and are meeting with the realtor this afternoon. We’ll make an offer then. It had some nice trees and bushes and stuff and a really cool shed/workshop/garage area that will work out as a great playhouse for the kids.

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