40 Days…

I usually get ran over by the bandwagons – seriously, I have wagon wheel ruts on my back as deep as the ones at Ft. Laramie. That’s ok, though, I have some kind of allergic reaction to whatever it is that most people are into at any given moment anyway. (Don’t worry, there’s a big but coming.) I just get really annoyed when I see people changing everything about themselves in order to fit in (maybe because that tendency is a constant undercurrent in my own life).


Right now, our church is doing the whole 40 Days of Purpose series (probably the biggest bandwagon running in the church right now)… and I like it a lot. Maybe I can rationalize this bandwagon ride by convincing myself that I was ahead of the curve because I read Warren’s first book long before I knew how huge it would become. Or maybe a few points of disagreement are enough to make me feel better about ‘going with the flow’ of thousands of other churches. At any rate, I’m excited to walk through this with WestWay (we went through it in Auburn as well and it was one of the best things the church ever did together).

I’m excited to see people realizing there’s a point to this whole thing called life. I’ve grown up asking “Why?”, seeking purpose for everything. (Probably got really annoying when I was a kid and had to know “Why?” all the time.) I’ve neer been satisfied to just do what I’m told. (Which is really odd, because I was always the kid that did do what I was told – just wasn’t satisfied by that.) I pray that people will be able to move past the mundane and discover why they’re here.

We started a new ‘roughly college age’ group last night. There seemed to be a really good mix of people looking forward to walking through a little life together. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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