I’d really appreciate your prayers.

Wednesday, my wife took our youngest son to the Dr. for a regular checkup. Everything was fine. Yesterday, she took him back in because he’d spent the last day hacking and just seeming really ‘sick’.

He’s in the hospital now with brochialitis or pneumonia (they’re still deciding which). Last night was a long night there and they want to keep him at least until tomorrow.

I hate being sick, but I hate having sick kids even more.

Thanks for your help.
Siah came home Sunday and is doing quite a bit better. He has to take these breathing treatments for a while and antibiotics, but he’s getting back to normal. (Well I guess normal is relative, but he’s getting back to being himself again!) Just glad he’s back home and doing better.

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  1. Hey Mike,
    I hope everthing goes well.I just wanted you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.We miss you!

  2. Hi, Mike,

    Hope Josiah is all mended by now. Keeping you all in my prayers, always. We really miss you and your family. Take care, and God’s blessings.

    The Alden Clan

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