Walk This Way…

A couple years ago, at a conference full of people on the campus of Colorado State University, I heard someone call out my last name. I turned around to find a friend of my dad’s looking at me with a puzzled look on his face. He apologized and said he thought I was someone else, but then his synapses began firing a little more quickly and he realized the truth. I wasn’t who he thought I was… I was the son of who he thought I was.

“You walk just like your dad.”

Umm… thanks, I guess. I have to admit that I’ve never paid particular attention to my gait or that of my father. To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty apathetic about the mechanics of walking. I just do it. I’ve never examined the similarities, but apperantly, I step like he does.

My dad never told me how to walk. He just walked and I watched.

Someday, someone’s going to call out to somebody and tell them they sound like Mike. I hope I live my life in a way that makes that a compliment to those who follow the curious steps I take.

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