Repainting the Picture

Some recent events and shows and public reactions have got me thinking about how most people view the church. (I mean people who aren’t a part of it.) If you think about portrayals of Christians and the church in film and tv, you can get a picture of how the public views the church – or at least how someone wants them to view the church. With a few exceptions (none of which really are coming to mind), we are drawn in a pretty ugly light.

Narrow minded bigots who are really no different than the guy on the next barstool – except he isn’t pretending he’s got no problems. Thoughtless answerers of questions that nobody’s asking. Self righteous moral police (as well as judge and jury) with the depth of character of a mud puddle in the desert. Pat Robertson’s, condemning everyone for everything we imagine they’ve done against God.

I don’t want to be painted in those colors. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the Bride of Christ acting in this world as His Body should. Doing what He calls her to do. And that whole word ‘doing’ is key. James 1 talks about hearing the word and doing it. And about caring for orphans and widows who need our care.

In Batman Begins, Bruce is told something like “It’s not who you are inside that counts. It’s what you do.” It doesn’t matter how right we think we are, if we don’t care about the people around us. What we really are is reflected in our actions.

I know that ultimately most will stand against the church just as most stood against Christ, but I wonder… when will they look at us and see the love of God poured out on people who don’t deserve it? Where is that happening now? What happens when the church we think we are truly is the church people see?

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