Updatus Rodentus

Despite 3 traps in my office – the church mouse remains at large. Not sure if he’s still around or took off.

On the home front, however, we caught the one we knew we had. Then found another one dead on the stairs. Thought I heard some scratching last night, but that might have just been the woodpecker that decided to make a home in our wall…
It’s not funny anymore Woody!!!

4 Replies to “Updatus Rodentus”

  1. Hey Mike! Enjoyed the Christmas letter – Cale turned about 4 shades of red and then promptly took off with the pic of Em.
    Hope all is good – sorry about your rodents. ick.

  2. knotter – have several, but it really makes the neighbors nervous to see me on their townhouse porch with a shotgun pointed at my bedroom window!

    dad – no thanks. between the mice, birds, and your grand children, I have enough rodents already

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