I think I’ve just been banned…

Over the past couple days, I’ve been interacting with some people at a blog that seems to be all about bashing anything purpose-driven, emergent, or other-than-reformed. I like to engage in these kinds of conversations sometimes because is forces me to think critically about what I believe and why and how that affects the way I live.

There’s a list of rules for posting that I have tried to follow, thought I had done so… but the last several comments I’ve posted have not been shown. It’s their website, and they can do what they want with it, but I can’t help feeling like my comments aren’t posted because I don’t agree and they don’t want to hear about it.

I’m not totally sold on everything Purpose Driven. And I don’t think everything labeled Emergent is a direct gift from God to His languishing church. (PD and emergent are two different things, by the way.) But I don’t think it’s right to label these lines of thinking as evil plots of Satan and write them off as heresy.

Let’s listen. Try to understand the heart of the people on ‘the other side’ (whatever side you may be on).

Here’s a decent description of the emergent church from Tony Myles.
Here’s a decent (and hopeful if cautious) critique of emergent from D.A. Carson.
Take a look at them and see what you think.
And on a completely unrelated note::: check out these Christmas lights!

4 Replies to “I think I’ve just been banned…”

  1. Hey Mike,
    It is certainly hard to have a conversation about these sort of topics, especially since for some people there are years of tradition that are now being questioned. I also have found that people tend to “hear” what they want to “hear.”

    As far as those Christmas lights are concerned I think somebody has too much time on their hands, but then again I watched all three minutes of it.

  2. Good stuff Mike, I thought Cason’s article was pretty good. I’m growing tired of the extremes that seem to be the voice of both of these sides, when in reality neither method will be right forever, because the culture that has changed to what it is today, will change again in the future and we will have a new paradigm. i thought Carson’s comments on seeking the benefit in the emerging church, but checking that we don’t stray to far from an emphsis on Scripture was really good. Personally i’m tired of the “Restoration Herald” types who feel if it’s big, than it must be bad, and who are upset because somebody did church different then them and found success so it must be wrong, otherwise maybe they would have to change the method (not the message) that they use to do church. But i’m also frustrated with those on the opposite end who feel it’s their way or the highway as well. The complaints about the other from both sides is the same complaint. We spend so much time focusing on how we should do church i’m worried we’re beginning to forget why we do church.

  3. One of the positives that I see emerging is the attitude that “Hey, you know what, I don’t have all the answers… wanna look for some with me?”

    Paul prayed for his friends in Ephesus to get a grip on the depth and breadth of God’s love – and to know that love which goes beyond what can be known.

    To know the unknowable… sounds like a lifelong venture to me

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