My daughter’s been irritated lately. She’s only 6, but she’s caught a whiff of something in the world that offends her senses. As we drive through the freshly decorated downtown area… as she does her kindergarten craft projects at school… as we wander the overstocked mazes that have been constructed just for our “shopping pleasure”… She’s irritated.

And I like it.

“But it’s not even December yet… Halloween was just last week…”

She’s irritated that the world she sees is taking little notice (or at least not enough notice) to Thanksgiving. She wonders why. Why do we jump from the “candy holiday” to the “presents holiday”?

It really, genuinely bothers her that so many people have passed through the last weeks with no big Thanksgiving build-up. People are neglecting the celebration of her God’s provision for them and she doesn’t like it. The hand-print turkey placemat is just not enough. She wants to see more gratitude to God for the stuff of life.

I’m so thankful to have a reminder like her to be thankful.

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