College Football

OK, just for fun…

A friend of mine started a little bantering on his blog about favorite college football teams. I made a statement of my loyalties there, and now have been called out to the field, so to speak! So here it is…

Living in Nebraska, a certain level of caution is prudent, so I will say first that, yes, I do like the Huskers. However – I will not paint my house red or fly big N’s from my car antannae or dress my kids up as Herbie Husker or wear a giant corn cob on my head or anything else like that. I like them, but they’re not my favorite.

That distinction goes to my homeland university. The University of Wyoming Cowboys. Coming of the best season they’ve had in… a really long time (which included a bowl game crackdown on UCLA) they were ranked 25 in Sports Illustrated’s pre-season rankings. SI may be offering a very “optomistic” projection there, but we’ll take it.

Joe Glenn has done a good job turning around the program, and it’ll be great to watch him continue to win with Wyoming…

ok, let the bashing begin… but be nice!

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  1. Living in Nebraska and not being a husker fan is not natural Mike. Huskers all the way. Remember God’s a husker fan, that’s why he made sure we all bleed husker red.

  2. I hate to mix apples and oranges, but I must dispute what Justin said. . .

    God may be a Husker fan amongst the college ranks. In the world of professional football, He is a Packer fan. Why do you think the boys wear “G”s on their helmets?

  3. Oh…I always thought that stood for Gargonzola, their favorite kind of moldy cheese!

    blue sky and orange sunsets… must be a Broncos fan! But again, we digress from NCAA…

    Oh, and not too ignore you sus… does dana even have a football on campus?

  4. There is something Mike and I agree on, God is a Bronco fan. But the question is college football, and in the ranks of NCAA that would be the Iowa Hawkeyes. Now is God Hawkeye fan? Given the outcome of the Capital One Bowl this past year I would say yes (plus I think it says it in the Bible, somewhere in the minor prophets, those books nobody reads).

  5. I can’t believe I have come back here to post again, but when you bring up the Broncos being God’s favorite football team? Puuuhhhllllease! This brings up terribly painful memories of Super Bowl XXXII.

    The only good thing about the Broncos this year is that they are giving Ron Dayne, #33, former Badger and Heisman Trophy winner, another chance at being a good halfback.

    Where is Dana College anyway?

    “Is this heaven?”

    “No. It’s Iowa.”

    Then, there you have it, even though that was a baseball movie.

  6. living in nebraska all my life…i love teh huskers.

    but God being a broncos fan? i guess that could be… because He sent all the rejects there to get a job… and they got one… what does that say about the quality of their team? not much.

    dana college is in blair nebraska… we played them in soccer yesterday… only got beat 7-0. either my ankle/knee are really in trouble, or i’m just going through growing pains… hopefully it’s the latter.

    God should love the chiefs more, as they had 4… get that, 4 of the top 99 contributors from 5 major pro sports… 4 of 99 top ‘Good Guys in Sports’ from 1 team! know how many guys play on 5 major sports teams? over 1500 in football, probly close to the same in baseball… 1000 in basketball… and 2 other sports. that’s 4 out of probly 7000 athletes. and they’re all form the same team. you’ll see what i’ve seen when the season starts.

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