Back To School

Back to School time is always a shift in youth ministry, but this year is different for me. Not only are my kids no longer hanging out at the church building a lot of afternoons because they’ve now got homework to do – my oldest daughter started Kindergarten this year.

She was really excited when we dropped her off this morning. She’ll do great, I’m sure. She’s too smart for her own good sometimes, and chatters maybe a little too much, but she’ll adjust and do great. She’s got a couple kids from our church and from pre-school in her class and she’s excited to make new friends.

I just hope I don’t forget to pick her up after school!

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  1. We are just getting back to school here in the college group too. It is definitely a shift from our summer group and the more transient student group. I still remember both my kids first days in Pre-K… when we first dropped them off… a mix of emotion actually. And a breath of freedom for the wife 🙂

  2. my niece just started kindergarten last week. she doesn’t seem old enough to be in school, until you sit down and talk to her. then, you’d think she’d been in school for years.

  3. The students here have been in school for 3 weeks now (some only for a week). So that is tough to have such a short summer. And I don’t have to let my son go to school for a few more years.

    Big switch in ministry, though. Always hard to adjust.

  4. I need to know where the comment area is about college football teams, et. al.


    I have a score to settle about Badgers and some boys with cows. . .

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