Are You A Minister?

Larry’s a great guy. He has a pony tail, bad knees, and a Honda Gold Wing (that’s not what makes him a great guy – just some interesting stuff). He works hard and would do just about anything to help someone else. He’s got a good sense of humor and enjoys life. He’s also an elder in our church. He recently had just been through a week where he’d had a number of opportunities to show the love of Christ by helping somebody else – and as usual, he took those opportunities.

One guy he was helping stopped and asked him, “Are you a minister?” Larry said at that moment, the light went on deep inside and the reality of ministry in the body of Christ sunk in more deeply than it ever had before. “Yes, I am. I’m not ordained as clergy, but yes, I am a minister of Christ.” In the light of service, he’d come to a deeper understanding of ministry.

Now I know for many of you who read this blog, the reality that every follower of Christ has a ministry is evident in your communities. Every believer is truly seen as a part of the priesthood of the Body of Christ. It’s part of your ethos. (I love the way Mosaic people talk about ‘coming on staff’ as opposed to getting your name on the membership list.)

But that is not the case in many churches. And it’s not always the case where I live. But I see that block of our spiritual genetics changing. I see more and more individuals coming to the realization that they are ministers of Christ. I see increasing numbers of students realizing the service they do in the name of Christ is ministry.

The heart of Christ beats within His people, and ministry is the cadence of its rhythm.

So, are you a minister?

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  1. Yes, always have been, but the epiphany occured 2 years ago… I had a history of participating in many secular and Christian Leadership conferences and was on staff at my church of 1400. I struggled within to be accepted as “mature enough in Christ” to be able to “minister” to them. I had asked my senior pastor if going to seminary (3 miles up the road) would be a good thing (he said, no.) Thing is – my jobs: Director of Communications and Special Events and Director of Facility brought ME into the most contact with people who knew the Lord and those who didn’t. I was the one mobilizing the volunteers, I was the one dealing with all the vendors, seminary students, kids in the facility late at night, fire marshall, etc. I was the one crossing ALL ministries within the church!
    Leadership Summit 2003 Erwin McManus spoke 2 x AND at the close of the Summit, Bill invited us to make a choice…. I realized that I was a minister and always had been, and it was time for me to concede the center. I had no security, my husband had abandoned my kids and I, I had no job to go to, I obviously had no church organization to be embraced… I returned to my church and within 2 weeks resigned! 6 weeks later, my executive pastor – the only other one whom I considered a minister, resigned.
    My story, but the power of pastoral staff of ministry denial was ugly. The power of being challenged by the guys who were out there risking and doing it (Bill and Erwin) as they AFFIRMED the minister in me – catapulted me beyond the organization of the church into the organism of Christ’s church and kingdom!
    The epiphany and knowledge of sainthood as a minister is awesome power and the Holy Spirit honors it. The power intensifies…what a ride!

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