The church always talks about faith, but I think a lot of well intentioned people have missed the point. There’s a huge difference between what most poeple call living ‘by faith’ and what they do to ‘keep the faith’. It’s the often the difference between following Jesus and following the rules.

Jesus came to establish a new covenant between God and people that would bring the dead to life, but 2000 years later, the church (or at least what is called the church) too often seems more interested in maintaining its’ own existence than in bringing spiritual life to the sick, dying, and dead. We’ve become more concerned with ‘keeping the faith’ than proclaiming the Gospel.

But religious dedication to a system of services and rites is not what faith is all about. Faith is about listenning for the heartbeat of God and dancing to His rhythm. Faith is about following Jesus through the fires of life, even if you’re not sure you’ll come out on the other side. Faith is about being His Body, working to show people His Kingdom.

God, I hope the people called Christians will become a tribe of followers who step in faith where You lead – even if it is where others have never stepped.

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