I hope this works…. I hope I don’t get dumped… I hope we win… I hope someone actually reads this…

We hope for a lot of different things at different times in life. Often, our fears drive our hopes. We hope that what we fear is going to happen is somehow stopped from happening. But what if we lived that backwards? What if we lived our lives with a hope based in something other than fear? What if our hearts beat with such hope that all fear was driven out of our lives?

I think we can.

The Bible is full of talk about hope and examples of people who lived with it… and without it. Go to www.biblegateway.com sometime and do a keyword search for “hope”. God has a lot to say about hope because He is the one thing that we can always put our hope in. We can trust Him. That doesn’t mean he’s going to make life easy for us. It means that He will keep every promise He’s ever made… including the gift of life.

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