Praying for a Friend…

Mike —  October 8, 2007 — 1 Comment

I cried for you today.
I saw them entice you and drag you away.
I wish you could see from here
The joy in your eyes – you replaced it with fear
and the pain they inflict
makes you sick to the heart.
I know you don’t know but you’re falling apart.
Wake up look around
He’ll be found nearby.
Lift your eyes to His gaze – stare into His grace.
He loves you.
He’s just dying for you to come home.
We love you.
We’re crying for you to come home.

Lifehouse “everything” skit

One response to Praying for a Friend…

  1. That was definitely one of the most powerful skits I’ve ever seen, and to think half of my friends didn’t even want to go

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