Annoyed with the Asinine

Mike —  June 29, 2009 — 3 Comments

I try not to rant about pet peeves here too often, but I’ve been noticing something over and over that just irritates the heck out of me. It’s been a long time since a day has gone by without being accosted by this deceptive dispenser of annoyance. I could easily avoid the stupid thing, but I hate seeing so many of my friends giving themselves away to…

the facebook quiz.
I know, I know – it’s all just in fun, sort of a game. But is it really? Is it a healthy game to play? I wish people didn’t care what kind of kiss they were, or what flavor of ice cream best represents their sex life. Why do grown adults want to know which Twilight character is their soul mate and what body part they should pierce.
Guess what, people? Your life is not an 80’s movie, you are not a Michael Jackson song, and a facebook quiz is never going to help you find out who you truly are. You are not a Transformers character and facebook has no idea when you’ll get married or what the first letter of the middle name of your true love is.
Maybe I’m just bitter because the ministry quiz said I was made to be a groundskeeper. Or maybe I just hate seeing so many young people (and not so young) looking for their identity in meaningless places. Don’t settle for a facebook quiz to tell you who you are – it’s a poor substitute for the dreams of God. Seek His heart and live the life He dreams…

3 responses to Annoyed with the Asinine

  1. They have a ministry quiz? How did I miss that? LOL.

  2. you know, I always thought you looked like a groundskeeper (now that you mention it.) By the way, ben & jerry’s “chubby hubby” best represents my sedentary lifestyle.

  3. Maybe you should take a look at my yard before making that call – not winning any golden spades any time soon!

    I think every youth pastor I know who took the quiz got the same thing. It’s a conspiracy!

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