When the Life of Your Dreams is Not Enough

God has a dream for this world, and you’re invited to be a part of it. It is an irresistible dream that God has had for all eternity. It’s a dream for your life, your community, and the whole world.

God’s dream is that you would live each second of your existence with a confidence that he relentlessly and passionately loves you. His dream is that you would willingly risk loving others because you know God has risked everything in loving you.

Dave & Jon Ferguson, Finding Your Way Back to God

Maybe things aren’t going well right now…

Maybe life is alright, it’s just not what you’d hoped it would be…

Or maybe you’ve grabbed hold of everything you ever wanted, and found out it’s not enough…

We need to know there’s more to life than what you or I dream of. This life is not about our wishes, but about God’s. His imagination sparked us into being, and His imagination keeps echoing in our lives as He seeks to draw us deeper into His mission and heart. Take some time in the next couple days to dive in to His dreams for you. Take a risk to love someone that needs to see Him alive in you.

Buy My Book

Several years ago, I developed a short devotional booklet for some of my students who were on a backpacking trip. My hope was to help them get a better sense of how people prayed in Scripture so they could develop a healthier life of prayer themselves. Since then, I’ve used it from time to time with others, and the time has finally come for an expanded version of this resource to be made available more widely.

I dug up the old file, re-wrote, edited, re-edited, and submitted the book through a self-publishing platform called Blurb. Thanks to some great supporters on Kickstarter, the process is done! Their pre-orders have been delivered (or are possibly still en-route), and the guided journal is now available to you. I hope you like it, but more importantly, I pray God uses it to help you be more clearly attuned to His Voice.

The book will be consistently available through this link to the Blurb bookstore, as well as via other booksellers like Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. (If you’re local, I do have a limited supply of copies available as well – just let me know.) I can’t wait to hear how God uses this in your life.

Today, the Barnes & Noble link has the best price, but those will probably fluctuate somewhat as various retailers do their thing. (The list price is $11, so you should always be able to get it for that, and if you want to order a bunch of them, you can get a good bulk discount from Blurb.)

Thank you so much to the many of you have encouraged and enabled me to get this project done.