Proud or Priceless

This summer, I was excited to take my high school students to see For King and Country while we were in California for CIY Move. The concert would be coming toward the end of what I anticipated being a great week, but a long one. I’m not a concert guy, so I was expecting to enjoy watching my daughter and the rest of our students enjoying themselves more than I’d enjoy the concert itself. I should write more about this later, but the show was incredible! Engaging, meaningful, inspiring… and way more fun than any other concert I’ve been to.

One of the things that I appreciated so much was the message of hope and chivalry contained in the song Priceless. Our girls are being taught to find their identity and value in ways that will never really allow them to know their true worth. Popular songs like Sit Still, Look Pretty encourage girls to refuse to settle for being some boy’s trophy (which is great), but there’s also a lot of pain and emptiness when you get to be queen of your own world and discover that’s not what you really wanted after all. (I’m not picking on that one song in particular, it just happened to be on the radio earlier & it’s really catchy.) It’s concerning that behind the facade of empowerment lies a prideful spirit that does not lead us nearer to the heart of God. Don’t settle for being proud, when in fact, you are priceless!

We are, male and female, made in God’s image. God is at work to restore that image in all of us, but the pride that says “I don’t need you or anybody else.” keeps us from seeing that. By pridefully declaring our self-sufficiency, we push away the One who is actually sufficient and all those He’d like to work through to rescue, heal, and fulfill us. Priceless has been a great reminder of human value that steers clear of the pride that so often trips us up. Something to think about…

I have not seen an official video for Priceless, but there is a trailer for their film by the same name. I hope there will be a video at some point because they’ve really done a great job on the other videos I’ve seen released. You should check those out, too.