Your Journey or His?

Have you ever noticed how life often rises or falls to the level of your own expectations? The story you play over and over in your head causes ever deepening¬†grooves that begin to block your view of any other perspective than the one you’ve already seen. Your experience teaches you all too well how events will unfold. After all, we’ve heard this story before, haven’t we?

And so we settle. We settle into the sameness and stop noticing those unique flashes all around where life breaks through the monotony. Oh there’s something to be said for the mundane… we can’t live without it. But I don’t want to get stuck in it, either. I don’t want to settle into taking all the same routes to all the same places I’ve already been. There are just too many places to go and people to see. Too many adventures waiting to be had…

His Dreams

What about you? Is God nudging you out of comfort and into some unknown adventure? Does He want to stretch you and take you further in your journey than you’ve ever dared to go before? What new horizons does He want to show you? Can I help you get there somehow? You might never find out if you don’t take that next step in front of you. Go ahead. His dreams for you are greater than you can imagine. Go live them. Don’t settle.

I Am At Work

I was humbly reminded this weekend that I am not what I once was. You’ve probably had those moments, too, when you notice that you’ve changed… the old really has passed away and the new has come! Someone commented to me about how I’d done something so “naturally” and all I could think was how it wasn’t natural at all. What he’d seen me do was only the result of God invading the shaky pieces of my life and transforming them into a solid mosaic made to put Him on display. Natural? No way.

I’m grateful that God’s grace has been working to transform me. It’s good for the world that I’m not what I used to be. It’s good for my family that I continue to become what God is shaping me to be. I’m also grateful that I’ve had people around me throughout my life who didn’t just see what I was, but what I could be!

Would you find someone this week who may need reminded of what could be and help them see it, too? Maybe it’s a kid who feels like they’re not going to make it through school… Maybe it’s a young adult who wonders if he’ll ever make it out of your basement… Maybe it’s a young mom who feels like she’s drowning in an avalanche cheerios and toddler socks…

Fence Musings-3

Remind them of what grace can do. When I AM is at work, we are never stuck as we are… transformation is right around the corner and anything is possible. Help them see His image beneath the homework and apathy and insecurity. Help them see that they are enough because God’s grace is enough.

Would you help someone see themselves the way God sees them…