What Are You Fighting For?

I’ve been reading through some old journals over the past several months. Sometimes, I kick myself for letting me get stuck in some of the same patterns of thinking… other times, I thank God for how He’s worked through circumstances in my life. It’s been an interesting exercise to say the least…


I generally like to keep the peace, but today I came across an entry from several years ago that I titled “Things I Fight For…” that looks like this:

  • The church is not a building.
  • Youth ministry is a missionary endeavor, not babysitting for church kids.
  • Young people need connections with adults.
  • Discipleship requires everything.
  • Christian students are not second class citizens in the Kingdom; they’re the church now.
  • Great things only rise out of great expectations. “We’re just kids” is not an excuse for mediocrity.
  • Consumerism is not compatible with Jesus.
  • The Holy Spirit is real – He’s alive – He is still at work in the world today.
  • A church that doesn’t live and breathe and move in prayer will lose touch with God’s heart – and die.
  • Leaders either keep growing or stop leading.

If I had to narrow the list, there are some items here I’d give priority to, and some of these statements may reflect the circumstances or what I was reading at the time I originally wrote them. But on a regular basis, I still find myself fighting for these principles (and a few others). And I still find them worth fighting for.

What about you? What do you find worth fighting for?

-I feel like I should add a thought here: Marriage and family and truth and justice and stuff like that… these go without saying, so I didn’t include them in the list. But don’t worry… they’re on my list, too.