What Will Guide You Today?

He has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity… So let’s not listen to one.

The Spirit Breathes-3

What will you do with your day today?

What will guide you as you choose your way?

Will you let Him breathe life into the bones of this day?

When You Don’t Know the Rest of the Story

Often in life we are forced to live in other people’s stories – stories of which we don’t know all the details.

  • Like that idiot driver who just screamed past you on the street (on his way to the hospital with his wife in labor in the back seat)…
  • Like the grumpy lady at the cash register who barely uttered a word to you (who just lost her best friend and husband of 20 years to cancer)…
  • Like the mean teacher who grades you so harshly (because she sees potential in you that she’s trying to help you unlock, even if you don’t see it yourself yet)…

When we don’t know the details, we tend to make them up or root around for them in the gossip pile. We create a narrative in our own minds about what must be going on. But often those stories bear little resemblance to what’s actually going on. The assumed motivations we fill in with our imaginations are often far from the truth, and they tell us a lot more about the troubles and victories in our own stories than they do about anyone else’s.

Between the Lines

What you read between the lines tells you more about you than about the one who left the gaps you’re trying to fill with your imagination. So be sure to fill in the gaps with grace. Be quick to believe the best about someone else’s motivation instead of the worst. It just might be that they have information that you do not. Maybe their experience has taught them something you have yet to learn. Maybe their humility allows them to see a perspective that you can’t quite make out just yet.

If you find yourself in circumstances where you feel the need to find out what’s going on behind the scenes, be careful. Rumors and innuendo make fools of the best of us. If you really need to know, go to the source instead of listening to the back channel chatter. And be careful not to read the wrong story into the one God is writing in your circumstances…