Hi. Long Time, No Words…

It’s been a pretty dormant time here on this site lately. There will be another few weeks at least before that changes, but I wanted to touch base quickly while I have a chance. I am sorry for the lack of content lately, and ask for your prayers as I navigate the way forward. I’ve missed writing here, but for a variety of reasons, I haven’t been able to do much this summer.

Part of that is due to being gone 3 of the last 4 weeks for camp & CIY Move. Connectivity is low and demand for time is high during those weeks, so I didn’t even take my keyboard this year.

Additionally, I don’t want to write general, ministry-help articles that stay a little bit neutral and maybe ‘fluffy’ and offer a little bit of something for everyone. There are thousands of those already. I want to write from my heart about what God is doing in and around me. But I don’t know how to write about what God is doing right now. There’s so much going on that is still in process and wouldn’t make sense if I could put it into words, so I’ve offered a little less. Be praying that I’m learning what He wants me to learn during this time and that when the time is right, I’d be able to share clearly what He wants passed on.

In the meantime, check out some previous posts. I’ve added a feature to each post that shows 3 related posts from the past. Browse around through those and offer your insights in the comments sections. Or check out the Archives in the right side column – they go back through almost 10 years of posts!