A sin of indecision leads you nowhere

but imprisons

every potent ounce of courage

that your heart has hidden in it.


So choose today whom you will serve…

7 Lies Our Culture Tells (You’ve Messed Up Too Bad)

One of the most damaging lies to believe is the lie that we’ve messed up our lives so badly that God has no place in His Kingdom for us anymore. This lie is so insidious because it sneaks in and steals our only hope. The truth is that we have made a wreck of ourselves (each of us) and separated ourselves from Him. And it’s also true that there is nothing we can do to set right what we’ve got wrong.

Does that sound like I just disagreed with myself? The truth is that we can’t fix what we have broken… but He can. Jesus humbled Himself to become one of us in order to bring forgiveness and restoration and reconciliation for each of us. There is no life so badly broken that He cannot restore us to wholeness in His Presence.

Consider Saul, a well educated young Pharisee, standing by at the execution of a disciple of Jesus named Stephen. Maybe he couldn’t have done anything to stop it, anyway, but he willingly watched as stone by stone, the Jewish mob brutally ended Stephen’s life. But it got worse. It seems once Saul got a taste of the whole ‘death to these radical upstarts’ mentality, he couldn’t get enough. He asked the authorities for permission to start rounding up Christians and locking them away… and worse. So they sent him out to do just that.

But Jesus, alive again at His Father’s side, had other plans! He met this man on a mission to destroy, and He completely altered the trajectory of Saul’s life. This would be murderer of Christians was made into a prolific church planter. His name was changed and he became known as the apostle Paul, sent (this time by Jesus) to start and spread the fires he previously desired to extinguish.

There is nothing you have done that God cannot undo. The sin that’s entangled you can be thrown off so that you can once again run the race He calls you into. Your sin is not too much for Him to handle. When you realize that, you position yourself to be a great ambassador to those who haven’t realized it yet.

  • Stay grateful for His grace in your life. His grace is about more than just saving you from your sin ~ it’s about bringing you to life! Every day stands as a monument to His grace at work in your life to accomplish His mission to reconcile. Don’t take that for granted. Depend on it.
  • Extend the same grace to others. Help them understand His grace by loving them through their mess.
  • Always hold out hope to those who have given up hope. There are people around you who think they’ve messed up so much that rescue is beyond hope. Give them hope.
  • Lead with love. There are people around you who think they’ve messed up so much that God’s love for them has reached it’s end. What if, instead of just telling them that what they’re doing is wrong (which they likely already know), what if you could show them that what they’re thinking about God’s love is wrong? What if you could show them His unending love by loving them with His love in tangible ways? You can. Don’t try to fix them or make them get themselves straightened out to earn your approval. Love them while they’re still sinners, just like Jesus does for you.


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