Flippin’ Fun

For a lot of my life, I’ve been told I was too young. When I was applying for jobs… When I got married… When I was applying for ministry positions… There’s a price to be paid for being small. My son got to experience this last week at a big event where he kept getting told the “little kids’ stuff is over there.” He was more than a little frustrated from what I understand.

But lately, I haven’t been told I was too young for much of anything. I did get carded recently buying spray paint, but hey… that’s just the way they have to do it right?

Instead, some may have wondered if I’m getting too old to do what I do. Occasionally, I’ve had someone ask me how they’d know if they were too old for youth ministry. I just scratched my balding spot (it’s not a full blown bald spot just yet) and graying temples and played dumb… “How should I know?” After spending an inspiring week with about 800 high schoolers, my “job” this past Saturday was to drive a bunch of them through some of the most beautiful scenes on the planet and deliver them back to their families. Most people at my stage of life would tell me they’re too old for stuff like that. On the way home, we stopped at a really fun trampoline place in Denver, where we jumped around for a couple hours. Again, most of the people I know my age shake their heads when I talk about stuff like this, but it was a blast to get out and move around after sitting around in the van most of the day. To be honest, there are also times when I wonder myself “Am I too old for this? Shouldn’t I have grown up a little more by now? At my age, shouldn’t I enjoy a few hours on the couch watching fishing or golf or something?” (Those are not my best moments, by the way.)

But Saturday, I had a blast bouncing on the trampolines (maybe more fun than my students even). At one point, I did six back flips in a row! No extra bounces in between them, no wildly panicked flailing-monkey-looking flips, just 6 calm, straight back flips… My brother (who was a national champion tumbler and trampolinist) would probably be ashamed at their ugliness, but at 37 years old, a lack of form was no concern of mine! I successfully pulled off a series of 6 consecutive back flips!

My ego was pretty happy with that, even though yesterday, my body was telling me I’m an idiot!

Go ahead and tell me I’m too old for this, but I’m not buying it. (Just paying a higher price to keep playing.)