Alternative Route

I’ve been getting ready for an upcoming trip with our high school students to CIY Move in Durango, CO. (CIY is a great organization, and if you’ve never taken students to one of their conferences or mission experiences, you should definitely check them out.) As I’ve been preparing, I’ve been keeping an eye on the fires that are currently burning in the mountains of Colorado. It’s one thing to drive the church vans over the continental divide in the awe-inspiring and transmission-and-brake-murdering mountains. But it’s a whole different game when walls of smoke start coming out to play.

One of the more unique reasons to close a road I suppose!
One of the more unique reasons to close a road I suppose!

Last year, we had to drive through few smokey areas, but this time, there’s a 30 mile section of the road that is completely closed. When you’re crossing the continental divide, this is kind of a big deal. A road closure often means driving hundreds of miles out of your way because there aren’t a lot of options. I’d already re-routed part of our trip in order to get out of our routine a little bit, which ends up being a good thing because, now, we can’t stick with our usual plan anyway! I’ll miss a few of the things along our normal route that I really enjoy (a sweet morning devotion stop accented by some really fun scrambling around in the rocks, and one my favorite views anywhere I’ve been…), but I’m also looking forward to taking a road I’ve never been on and seeing some new places.

This has me thinking about Paul. In Acts 16, you can read a little back story to the planting of the church in Philippi. It’s a story of re-routing. Paul was traveling around, strengthening churches and planting the gospel, when God interrupted and sent him somewhere he wasn’t planning to go. I don’t even know if Philippi was on Paul’s radar until God stopped what Paul was intending and re-directed his journey.

Would you let God redirect you today? Would you let Him stop you from doing whatever it is that you’re hoping to accomplish and send you on a wild goose chase into something you’ve never even thought of?

Don’t be afraid of the alternative route. If it’s His idea, it’ll still get you where you need to be. Enjoy the journey!

Wake Up

A wise youth works hard all summer; a youth who sleeps away the hour of opportunity brings shame.

-Solomon, in Proverbs 10:5


When everyone says there’s no hope, keep hoping, because there is hope.

When you feel like throwing in the towel, step out for one more round. Maybe you’ll go down, but at least go down swinging so hard you’ll inspire the next guy to take your place.

When you’re about to give up because you’re afraid all your hard work and well laid plans won’t make a dent anyway, take one more crack at it.

Why bother?

Why keep spending so much of your self on something that might not work?

Because it might.

Because you’re closer to breaking through than you think.

Because we still serve a King who grabbed death by throat, threw it aside like a cheap, headless Barbie doll knockoff, then walked out of the grave!

And when it finally works out… when He works… Nothing can stop His life-giving momentum from reconciling and recreating and renewing everything we’ve been fighting against for so long.

Don’t stop.