Kind of hesitant to put up another post on this topic, but it’s just too funny…

Last night I was giving Dakota a hard time about eating my popcorn or something. He said it was his popcorn because he “told” mom to make it. I replied that, no, he had “asked” mom to make it. Here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: “Kota, you don’t really tell mom to do anything. You ask her. There’s a difference between telling and asking.”

Dakota: “and poop.”

So, yes everyone, there is a difference between asking, telling, and poop. Don’t forget. (And don’t expect anymore poo posts anytime soon, either!)

Who says they don’t teach anything on TV?

Last night, LuAnn and I were talking about something, making plans for the rest of the evening, and the kids kept interrupting. Trying to get them to go play elsewhere, she said “Scat.” to which Emily replied “Animal poop? We’re not animal poop!”

Hey, at least it’s something.

Post Camp Thoughts…

It’s nice to be home after the past couple weeks of camp. Jr High camp had a few bumpy days, but overall it was great. Really got to see the students coming together. High School week flew by and was a good week, as well. Most of our students were involved in leading worship for the week, and they did a great job.

On the way home last Friday, we came around a corner and almost hit a buffalo! As I stopped, I rolled down my window for a nice chat (I don’t know why, so don’t ask!), but he decided to jump the fence and head the other way.

Also, from the highway, we could see some of the flames from the fires that are burning up the Panhandle. A few times yesterday, I could hardly see the bluff out my window through all the smoke that’s settling in the valley.

So, now that camp is done, it’s officially the beginning of the end of summer (or something like that). I’m excited to move into the fall and continue to see students growing and being discipled. God is at work here, and it’s awesome to be able to play a part in it all…