New School

As we passed through the gate, the panic flashed across her face like a runaway train, threatening to derail weeks of preparation and planning. The clutching of the leg – the filling of the eyes with tears – the quivering of the lip – these were the rumblings of the freight of fear that my daughter carried with her this morning. Just as her CareBears backpack was filled with supplies, her heart had been filled with anxiety… the first day at a new school…

She’s been doing great with this move to WestWay. I’ve been pretty proud to watch her cope with so much change all at once. But this morning was almost too much. You see, as we crossed into that overactive realm known as the playground, I realized, and Emily sensed that something wasn’t quite right. Today, on her first day in her new school, the one familiar face – the one beacon of comfort in this Kindergarten Sea of Adjustments – was noticeably absent. Her teacher (whom she met last week) was out for the day, and her class had a last minute substitute.

I watched Emily as the reality of her situation sunk in and she wanted more and more to be home. Home, where she knows she’s loved. Home, where she feels she’s safe. Home, where she understands that she is known. I took her in to class, where she was introduced, and stayed for a few minutes to reassure her (or maybe myself) that it would be ok. When I left, she was learning a new ‘good-morning song’ that her class sings. When I pick her up this afternoon, I’ll find out how it went after that.

Change is tough. It’s painful and scary. Isn’t it great to know that no matter how bad it gets, we’ve got a Father who’s willing to stoop down next to our little kindergarten chair and reassure us that things will be ok – He’ll be back to take us home.

We made it.

Getting settled in here among the boxes – setting up utilities, post office, etc. The move could have gone more smoothly, but all in all the end result has been the same. The landlord here was really cool about us not getting in until really late. He had some chips and dip and frozen pizzas and Mt. Dew and stuff on the counter for us when we got in. He seems like a pretty nice guy.

Had a bit of a scare today regarding tomorrow, which will be my first Wed. night here with the youth. I had made arrangements for a concert here along with a couple other area youth groups coming. The band’s van blew their engine and they got stranded so I was trying to discern a plan B… I had pretty much settled and called Ben to work out a spring concert. He had just gotten off the phone with a guy from some other band who is giving them a ride! So they’ll be here as planned.

This morning, I had my first couple of ‘official’ meeting-type functions: 6:30 elders/staff prayer and 10:00 staff meeting. I had a migraine, so I was pretty out of it for the prayer time, but it seems to be a very strong team of ministry leaders.

I’m looking forward to the ministry God will do here, but the past 10 days has been a long month!

… oh yeah, remind me to tell you the story of Shayne’s baptism sometime…

Running on Empty

We have boxes all over the house getting packed. (still have to pack my office, too, before Thursday)

My last Sunday went well. I made it through both services and lunch and the annual meeting without melting into a blubbering mess. (The song of invitation was “Let the River Flow” – had to stipulate ‘the river’ is not our tears!) I baptized one of my guys, too so that was awesome. It’s been great to see God pulling him out of his shell and closer to Him.

The concert last night went great. Then, I kind of ‘crashed’. Started feeling terrible right after everyone was gone. (Even passed over the post concert Sonic visit with the band that we did last time, so you know I was out of it.)

Haven’t slept enough the last couple weeks, so now I’m sick. Woke up this morning breathing through the pin-hole of space that is left open in my swollen throat. Went to the Dr. right away, cuz I guess that’s a good thing to do when you can’t take a breath without gagging.

Hopefully, it gets better soon, becase I am doing a funeral tomorrow afternoon for an 18 year old who was caught in a fire last week and the family deserves better than I can give today.

Slingshot 57

If any of you are in the Auburn, NE area this weekend, come check out Slingshot 57 at this free concert we’re hosting. They’ve just returned from working in the Gulf Coast area and are kicking off this fall tour. Check out their site for other dates as well. These guys are great… come see their show.


You love them.
You treat them right.
You do everything you can to raise them well.
You care for them.
You let them hang out with you at the office.
Let them bang on the drums and the piano.
You take them downtown to the bank.

And it’s there, right at the teller’s window, that they puke all over you.

Gotta love ’em!


Got a townhouse rented today. 3 little bedrooms, solid walls, and a roof that doesn’t leak…

It’s wierd thinking of packing up everything and storing it until we have a house big enough to unpack. Why do we have so much stuff we don’t need? Some moments I see the contrast in having so much and those who have so little… or have just lost the little they did have to a hurricane or earthquake or war. Kind of makes you (me) feel a little guilty. I mean it’s not like I’ve set out to accumulate the stuff of American life… but it’s found me anyway. And at the same time, I don’t want to be ungrateful for the opportunity and privilege that has come just because I was born in this time and place. Just pray I’ll be responsible and faithful with it all.

“Just do it yourself!”

Easy for them to say. I’ve been to about every move-it-yourself and you-pack-we-drive website you can imagine the last couple days, getting quotes, or waiting for quotes, picking trailers and truck sizes (yes I’d like to super-size that, thank you very much). Moving is so much fun!

One company won’t let me get a truck because the move is in-state. Never mind that it’s on the opposite side of one of the longest states in the Union. If I was moving from DC to Maryland, there’d be no problem. But since every single one of the 485 miles that I’ll be passing through at the suggested 45-mph-cuz-that’s-what-the-sticker-on-the-trailer-says-in-your-mirror (right) is in one state — no truck for you! Oh well.

Another company no longer does one-ways! Byproduct of fuel prices…

I guess it’s not so bad… we don’t have a place to unload yet anyway!

But I’ll choose to look at the bright side – at least our house sold really, really fast and we still have 2 whole weeks before we have to leave! (umm… that is the bright side, I think.)